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Ground Rules for Training

The ELCofSWFL has composed a set of rules which all trainers who train for the Early Learning Coalition will implement. We ask that you read these rules and follow them as well. We want to honor those of you who have followed them all along, and put them in writing to reinforce their importance. Please note: If you are not able to attend a training for which you have registered, you need to call the training entity at (239) 935-6143 and let them know. You will be allowed only three no-shows before you are no longer allowed to register for and participate in classes. We will soon put into use the new IACET CEU certification. This method of offering CEUs requires us to make sure that recipients are on time, will require some type of assessment at the end of the class and will be recognized nationally. Please help us to implement these rules smoothly.

Responding to Behavior

To help support teachers in understanding what are acceptable behaviors and boundary testing. Support early childhood educators in modeling good choices for choices for children to use positive classroom management. To help children learn appropriate social norms, and self-control.

Participants will exhibit learned information by recalling facts and basic concepts of appropriate behaviors in preschool children.

Participants will be able to describe effective activities for nurturing the growth of social emotional development, and social norms.

Participants will analyze the role of classroom management in guiding and nurturing children.

Date & Time

January 23 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Precious Cargo Academy
5200 Crayton Rd.
Naples, FL 34102

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